Work From Home Office Assessments

Connecting work from home office workspaces with in-person and virtual home office ergonomic assessments to better optimize your comfort, efficiency, health, and safety while working from home.

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Assessing workstations for optimal comfort and efficiency

Our in-person and virtual work from home office ergonomic assessments ensure that an individual’s workstation is designed to minimize the risk of injury and maximize productivity.

Identifying ergonomic problems and creating solutions.

We are skilled at identifying the most effective and innovative ergonomic solutions that reduce risk of injury and discomfort and improve work productivity while being flexible and mindful of all budget sizes.

At Ergo Prevent, we provide two types of office ergonomic assessments, in-person and virtual.

Solving work from home office workstation discomforts in-person or virtually.

After completing the ergonomic assessment, we create a customized solution and plan specific for the assessed individual’s needs.

Both Virtual and in-person ergonomic assessments start by evaluating the workstation’s foundation–the chair. Next, our team works to build the workstation around the employee rather than making the employee fit the workstation.

For accuracy, measurements of the workstation must be taken which our team is happy to help with in-person or can be done by the individual through photos and their own measuring tools.

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