Video Functional Risk Assessment

Don’t wait for injuries to happen.
Take proactive steps to ensure the well-being of your workforce.

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One of a kind video physical risk assessment – to provide individualized injury prevention programs.

AMP Risk Assess performs easy and accurate postural risk
assessments using state of the art computer vision
technology. Following the completion of a series of
standardized exercises captured via camera phone, AMP
Risk Assess renders a comprehensive risk score for each
employee, highlighting human mechanics in need of

Get results quickly and effortlessly with digital assessments
wherever that employee is located
Produce an evidence-based risk assessment highlighting more
than 30 points of interest on the body in 6 movements
Adapt technology to serve your needs, whether a small
businesses or a large corporations
Business Intelligence
Tailor treatment plans and interventions based on individual
movement patterns and risks, ensuring each person receives
the care they need

Squat Assessment

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