Return to Work Assessment

Developing successful and customized strategies to help your employees return to work. Our return to work assessments helps get your team back to work safely and effectively.

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Helping employees successfully return to work.

A comprehensive assessment for the employee that is returning from an extended period away from their job. This ergonomic assessment is ideal for workers who work in high-risk jobs, such as data entry and materials handling.

Assessing employees who are returning to work

Each employee plays a significant role in any organization. When you lose one piece of the puzzle, it can be challenging to make a complete picture. At Ergo Prevent, we provide several services that are focused on improving and maintaining your team’s health and safety at work.

In doing so,  we help reduce workplace injuries that result in disruptive and costly halts to productivity. Still, there are times when an employee may need to be absent from work for a substantial period. When this happens, it is important to assess employees who are returning to work.

Why a return to work assessment is important

Return to work assessments focuses on helping individuals get back to work safely and effectively. Every employee and organization is different and requires uniquely tailored and proven solutions that will help employees safely return to work.

We assist businesses by providing early and skilled intervention and cutting-edge accommodations and solutions.

Our return to work assessment provides businesses with a thorough evaluation of the individual, the ergonomic conditions, and any modifications that may be needed to perform their tasks effectively.

Helping your team return to work safely.

At Ergo Prevent, we care about your team’s health and safety which is why we believe in intervention through assessments, modifications, and education before occupational discomfort or injury.

However, that is not always how it pans out. When you require a thorough return to work assessment and need to develop a successful and customized strategy for an employee to return to work, you can trust our expertise and decades of experience.

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