Ergonomic Assessment

Developing cutting-edge solutions that promote optimal productivity and minimize risk and cost so your team can perform their tasks safely and efficiently. Our ergonomic assessment is your comprehensive solution for better ROI.

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Developing individual solutions from comprehensive ergonomic assessments.

Our industrial and manufacturing workplace ergonomic assessments utilize AI-enabled, sensorless video technology to identify ergonomic risk factors for musculoskeletal hazards and develop a solution for individual tasks.

Providing industrial and manufacturing ergonomic assessments

Providing proper training and tools to help employees perform their tasks safely and efficiently should be high on every employer’s to-do list.

With the help of ergonomic assessments and solutions, you can help your company attain and retain a happier and healthier workforce resulting in enhanced work performance.

At Ergo Prevent, we provide organizations with several services including ergonomic assessments to identify the root causes of employee discomfort on the job and develop the most appropriate solutions for your team.

Here is how our ergonomic assessments and services can help prevent and reduce employee discomfort and turnover.

Ergonomic Assessment Services Provided

Proper ergonomic practices can help your team avoid fatigue, discomfort, and the physical barriers that hinder their work performance. This results in several associated, indirect costs, such as:

  • Absenteeism
  • Inefficiency
  • Recurring turnover
  • Workplace injuries

However, by implementing proven and proper ergonomic practices, you can begin achieving a healthier, safer, and more productive workforce.

We will work to determine the root cause of workplace barriers and recommend proven, cutting-edge solutions followed by education, training, and progressive ROI data.

Our ergonomic assessments incorporate several components, including OSHA’s Hierarchy of Controls to prioritize recommendations and decrease ergonomic risks. And, our solutions are provided in three different categories: engineering, management, and behavioral.

Developing the best solutions that promote optimal productivity and minimize risk and cost begins with a comprehensive ergonomic assessment.

Promote efficiency and achieve higher ROI with Ergo Prevent’s ergonomic assessments.

Ergonomics is good for your workforce and your business’s bottom line. Improve your team’s concentration, work output, and morale with an ergonomic assessment.

Whether your team works from home is big or small, every size and industry can benefit from an ergonomic assessment. Our solutions are innovative and proven to improve the ROI of your employee’s health, happiness, and productivity.

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