Pre-employment/Post Offer Screening

Screening job candidates to help you select the most qualified applicants who will be best suited to safely perform the necessary functions and tasks of a role.

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Enabling employers to choose the best candidate for the job.

Employment screening to help you hire qualified candidates who can safely perform a job’s roles and responsibilities.

Providing tested and proven data to make the best hiring decisions

Conducting pre-employment and post-offer screenings and assessments allows you to better determine an individual’s ability to perform the essential and/or high-risk tasks necessary to perform a specific job.

This enables employers to choose appropriate placement for job applicants and to have supplementary data to make the best hiring decision so you don’t hire your next injury.

At Ergo Prevent, we review and measure the demands of any job to develop tests that simulate the nature of its work.

Identifying high-risk tasks for your job candidates.

Our pre-employment and post-offer screening assessments work to identify high-risk areas of a job to help us develop a rigorous test so you can best evaluate and hire future candidates for the job.

By utilizing this testing data, we are able to provide ergonomic recommendations and solutions that can help mitigate any associated risks and challenges associated with the job’s functions.

Developing rigorous testing to improve and empower your team’s productivity

Inefficient ergonomic processes, tools, and equipment often result in poor safety, productivity, and product or service quality. Hiring an ergonomic consultant, like us, to conduct an array of ergonomic assessments, including pre-employment and post-off screenings can help design a safe and efficient workplace that improves employee health and productivity.

There are many challenges a business faces, and ergonomics shouldn’t be one of them. Contact Ergo Prevent today to get started on developing the best pre-employment and post-offer screenings and ergonomic solutions for your team.

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