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Helping you hire more qualified candidates for every role. Our job analysis allows us to thoroughly understand what each role requires so you can improve employee selections and promotions.

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Helping you fill positions with the best-qualified candidate

Analyzing the job, not the person! Utilizing a variety of methods to determine the physical requirements, qualifications, responsibilities, and conditions that the work is performed in.

Why analyzing the job, not the person, is key for a successful job analysis.

We help businesses fill positions better by conducting a job analysis. Through the use of interviews, observations, and measurements, we develop a comprehensive job description for each role.

With this information, we can identify the knowledge, skills, and expertise that a potential candidate will need to effectively perform the duties specific to that role.

A job analysis is a valuable resource and tool even for organizations because there are several ways you can utilize the data, such as:

  • Establishing criteria for selection and promotions
  • Creating training and development program objectives
  • Outlining how to measure performance
  • Determining pay scales, levels, and classifications

Here is how a job analysis can help you better identify candidates for the job and who has the greatest potential for success.

The many benefits you can anticipate from a job analysis.

A job analysis is your foundation to grow and improve your talent, company culture, and business. You will likely benefit from lower attrition rates and higher customer satisfaction.

At Ergo Prevent, we want to help you grow your team and improve their health and safety. One of the many services we provide to do that is a job analysis.

By intricately studying a job, we can help you determine what specific activities, responsibilities, necessary qualifications, environmental conditions, etc. are necessary for the employee and business’ success.

Using a job analysis to hire the right person for the job.

Conducting a job analysis is the most effective method to hiring the right person for the job. Through a variety of techniques, including interviews, observations, and measurements, we can thoroughly collect and analyze a wide range of data to best determine each role’s core competencies for success.

A job analysis may even help reduce high employee turnover as you are better able to determine and hire the most qualified candidate for the job. Contact us today to get started on a job analysis at your company.

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