Onsite Prevention Services

Empowering your team to practice and promote a healthy and safe performance while on the clock. Our onsite prevention services help improve and reduce the number of injuries sustained at work.

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Providing intervention before an injury occurs on the job

Our physical therapists, athletic trainers, and occupational therapists, specializing in work injury management, go to your worksite to assess the job and educate your employee(s).

Helping you prevent work-related injuries and promote a healthy and safe workplace.

Our goal is to help you proactively prevent work-related injuries, and knowledge is the best tool to help your team avoid sustaining injuries on the job.

At Ergo Prevent, we provide a comprehensive approach to onsite prevention services encompassing ergonomics and injury prevention training from the bottom, to the top, and every level in-between to ensure your team knows the safest way to execute their roles and responsibilities.

Here is how we can help empower your team(s) to practice and promote a healthy and safe performance at work.

Comprehensive onsite prevention services for sustained ergonomic excellence.

Preventing workplace injury does not happen overnight. But with the right combination of knowledge and training, your team can drastically improve and reduce the number of injuries sustained at work.

Ergo Prevent has worked with several different industries, including manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, food processing, transportation, and more.

Having this experience allows us to cross-pollinate solutions and ideas from various industries and truly create a comprehensive solution for your team.

Here are some of the onsite prevention services we provide:

  • Job Coaching
  • Early Symptom Intervention
  • Return to Work
  • Workstation Assessments
  • Employee Training

Our specialists at Ergo Prevent have an extensive background in helping individuals and top-performing athletes return to different levels of activity in work. And we can also help your team prevent them from happening on the clock too.

Stop workplace injuries in their tracks with Ergo Prevent’s onsite prevention services.

Don’t wait for an injury to happen, prevent them from even taking place. Help your team proactively avoid workplace injuries with Ergo Prevent’s onsite prevention services.

Our goal is to help improve the health and safety of your employees. We incorporate the most up-to-date, cutting-edge technology available to design a comprehensive ergonomic solution for your workplace. Contact us today to get started.

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