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From athletic trainer to employee health and wellness, injury prevention and ergonomic consulting, Ross Davis’s passion for helping people and improving their health was the founding principle for Ergo Prevent.

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Our solutions are easily adjustable to accommodate current and future employee needs while respecting our client’s budgets.

From local to national, we have grown into providing an array of health and wellness solutions and services for organizations and individuals looking to improve their efficiency, safety, and health on and off the clock.

Everyone can benefit from proper ergonomics.

After selling his physical therapy company, Ross Davis immersed himself into the ergonomics industry and honed his decades of experience, skills, and knowledge into working with local companies to help their employees optimize their health at work and improve their productivity.

Having worked with a variety of industries from manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and medical devices to food processing, distribution, laboratories, and transportation, we are able to cross-pollinate solutions and ideas from different industries to develop the most innovative solution for you.

Ergo Prevent has the skills and expertise necessary to evaluate what the body is physically experiencing while they work and provide state-of-the-art solutions to improve employee health, safety, and efficiency at work.

Everyone can benefit from health and wellness initiatives and proper ergonomics. The question is to what solutions and levels will benefit you the most. Contact us today to find out.

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