Assessment Only

Video Assessment and up to 5 surveys to assess the health and wellness of your company.

Bio Metric information collection can be added ala carte.


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After assessments have been performed. Data will be reviewed. A customized educational program will be developed for your company. Employees will receive weekly educational materials in one of the five areas of health and wellness.

Your dashboard will reflect the employee participation.

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Custom Individual

Each employee will be evaluated based on the assessments performed. An individualized program will be designed to support the employee in the areas of concern identified in the assessment.

Monthly live educational sessions for all employees in one of the five health and wellness topics. Sessions will be led by professional members of our team.

a la carte

Bio Metric Screening

Blood Test

Glucose Test

Cholesterol Test

Individual Counseling

Life Coaching

Nutrition Counseling

Mental Health Counseling

Group Sessions

Executive Wellness Program

Live Webinars